Under Construction The New Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium

N.P.A.B.L Executives

All the league executive were apart of the league from it’s formation in 1994, as executives, scorers, managers, coaches, umpires, grounds keepers and players.

Play-Ball will be music to our ears

Since the last game was played at the old Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium in June 2006. The local baseball communities are eagerly waiting on this New Baseball Stadium. Even older baseball players are looking forward to walking on to the field to pay tribute to the game they so love, and to honor the legacy of Andre Rodgers.
The New Providence Amtameur Baseball League

League Executives

League President
League Vice President
League Secretary
League Treasure

Buttons Formal Wear

TBS Truckers

Dudley’s Panthers

Dominant Teams of the 1990s

Dreaming of a Opening Day

Team Cuba Vs Team Bahamas

The Nassau Baseball League

The Bahamas Baseball Federation

Three Name Changes

The Nassau Baseball Association The Nassau Baseball League The New Providence Amatuer Baseball League

Making A Hit, The Nassau Baseball League

Formed to include all League

The Bahamas Baseball Federation was formed to include all baseball leagues in the Bahamas

The Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium

According to the stadium architect Michael Foster. The Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium has a seating capacity of nine thousand, with the ability to expand the seating for other major events at the stadium.
Action from the Freedom Farm Baseball League

Under Construction by the Government of the Bahamas.

Woslee Construction Company is the contractors for the new baseball stadium, and Mike Foster is the Architect on the project. Estimate time of completions is early 2021.